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Excerpt from The Hill contributor John W. Davis II:

“I was excited a couple of weeks ago when my company, Notice & Comment, received a call from the VA requesting our assistance to process the massive influx of public comments on the proposed nurse practitioner regulation. Built on IBM’s trailblazing Watson Explorer platform, our solution can review tens of thousands of comments in mere minutes and — with advanced cognitive computing and natural language processing — assess the sentiment and substantiveness of each one.

As it turns out, the VA employs just one person responsible for reviewing each and every one of the 230,000 comments the agency received on the proposed nurse practitioner regulation. For such a vital issue, with so many opposing positions expressed by a myriad healthcare industry representatives and patient rights groups, this lone VA employee faced a practically insurmountable task. Our innovative solution was conceived, designed, and built to quickly conquer exactly this type of critical resource challenge.”