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Time to Get to Work

On Election Night, American voters resoundingly endorsed pro-growth, pro-American policies — and the candidates who vowed to put those policies into action. Under the leadership of Speaker of the House Thom Tillis, North Carolina’s economy grew by leaps and bound, as...

What is Kay Hagan Hiding?

Senator Kay Hagan is reluctant to address the concerns of her constituents after hard-working citizen journalists uncovered evidence that suggests that the senator helped steer taxpayer money to her family, through a local United States Department of Agriculture...

Rust Belt Governors Lead an Economic Comeback

As the American economy continues to fight to come back, despite the best efforts of President Barack Obama, current United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the rest of the Senate Democrats, one bit of good news shines the most. According to the Federal...


Restoring Principled Leadership

The Government Integrity Fund (GIF) believes that our states and nation need policies to foster economic growth and opportunity; limit the size and scope of government; promote individual freedom and responsibility; and provide for our continued national security. In the rich tradition of open and free debate in our republic, we are proud to be one of many voices in the public square helping educate our fellow Americans on these issues that we may have an informed citizenry.